Certified in strict accordance with ASTM D2162, the primary method for viscosity standards manufacture. Dual  certified to the International Standards BS EN ISO / IEC 17025 and ISO Guide 34 under our UKAS accrediatation. We test at Primary level using master viscometers in accordance with ASTM D2162 to ensure the lowest uncertainty of measurement thus providing standards that are certified with primary level accuracy. ASTM D2162 is the only referenced method for the certification of viscosity standards when adopting ASTM test method protocol.

General Purpose Viscosity Reference Standards

  • Certified according to ISO 17025 / ISO Guide 34 under our UKAS accreditation
  • Certified in strict accordance with ASTM D2162
  • Density g/mL in accordance with ASTM D1480
  • For use with glass capillary viscometers, automatic viscometers and other viscosity measuring equipment
  • Kinematic (cSt) & dynamic viscosity (mPa·s) given at all temperatures
  • Standard Pack Size 500mL, available also in 5L. Please contact sales@paragon-sci.com for other volumes
  • Fully traceable to National Standards
  • Ensures full compliance to ASTM & IP test method protocol
  • Tamper evident security packaging
  • 2 Year shelf life
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom

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