PhotonMaster™ Luminometer

The world’s first USB-operated luminometer has become even more versatile!  LuminUltra’s PhotonMaster is now coupled with the PhotonMaster Bluetooth Module (PBM), meaning that data can not only be generated independently from a computer, but also collected and analyzed in real-time when paired via Bluetooth with our LuminUltra Cloud™ mobile app. Already have a PhotonMaster but want the […]

CONOSTAN® Viscosity Standards

The same product reliability and stability that our customers trust in metallo-organic standards are now available in General Purpose Viscosity standards. These certified, mineral oil based, viscosity standards were developed for calibration and verification of all types of viscometers, including glass capillary viscometers, rotational viscometers, cup and falling ball viscometers. All standards are traceable to […]